Breadstick or baguette?

In this wide and varied world there is someone who loves breadstick and someone who loves baguette. At work or in a restaurant someone chooses the first one and someone chosses the second option. But breadstick or baguette, what’s the difference? Let’s see!

What is better between breadstick or baguette?

What do you generally choose to accompany a good salad or main course between breadstick and baguette? Let’s graze our hands with flour and let’s discover the secrets and benefits of these ¬†products.

A short indroduction. Breadsticks, baguette, or bread in general are foods thet are never missed on our tables. They are generally eaten with main disches making them very enjoyable. Sometime they also integrate the quantity of carbohydrates that our body needs.

Bread or baguette are a food produced with simple raw materials. Over the years it has taken different shapes, dimensions and methods of cooking. From unleavened bread (without leavened) to leavened bread. Bread with different flours ( corn, durum wheat, spelled) and bread with or without salt, is very common. We can also find bread baked in the oven or on plates. Finally a large variety of bread shapes (loaves, baguettes and so on ..). But the base remained the same: water and flour.

And what about breadstick?

There are a few advantage on bread or baguette. Some of them have got a better digestibility and the possibility of being stored for a long time. Concerning the dough from wich the breadstickscome out, it is not different from that of seasoned bread (with presence of oil or lard). However there are also fat free breadsticks.

If we want use some number: for 100 grams of bread or baguette, made of water, flour and yeast, with or without salt you can have an intake of 300 calories. The main difference between the common bread and breadsticks is the presence of animal or vegetable fats. In this terms for the same 100 grams of breadsticks you can have an intake 433 calories.







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