Breadsticks should be prepared with quality ingredients?

It happens that some people ask if breadsticks should be prepared with good quality ingredients. You can guess our answer! In this article we’ll show you the importance of good quality ingredients to prepare our handmade breadsticks..

Breadsticks should be prepared with quality ingredients?

The answer is: yes! One of the important factor for a great and perfect breadsticks is the way we prepare them. All of these breadsticks are prepared home and handmade. Their crafted breadcrumbs are chosen for several reasons, first of all for the quality of the raw materials. In this way our bakers guarantee the hight quality thanks to the control of source materials. The fundamental difference between our breadsticks and the others that we can find in the actual market relate to the use of excellent raw materials such as oil and wheat. Then  how we process food and bake it give to our breadstick great taste and fragrance.

The lack of chemical preservatives complete the perfect process to prepare our home and handmade breadsticks.

And what about quality ingredients?

The taste of our breadsticks is entirely due to the quality of the different ingredients we use to prepared them. Flour, oil, wheat and other raw materials are always used to guarantee the hight standards and tha hight quality of the product. We always use handmade breadcrumbs made with typical products in the production area, such as Piemonte or Venetian breadcrumbs. Typical ingredients include wheat flour, water, salt, either oil or fat and yeast. All of them are extremaly natural and healtly too. Choosing our breadstick allows the consumer to eat a genuine, taste and healtly quick snack. Choosing our healtly breadsticks can bring on your table the quality and the security of a product healthy and genuine. It’s also super yummy as appetizer with your family or your friends.



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