Piavettini s.r.l. company to craft , which has been operating for nearly 10 years in the bakery. The “Piavettini” are the main product . Crisp and brittle morsels of bread, shorter and thicker than traditional bread sticks are great as snacks, and delicious accompaniments to the first and second courses.

The precious mixture, is made from wheat flour and extra virgin olive oil grade, 100 % Italian. The “Piavettini” freshly baked, are packed in prestigious bags, which protect the quality and fragrance. We have a partnership with important companies of the big distribution, such as CONAD, COOP, SISA, GRISSIN BON KI GROUP (biological processing Farro / Kamut).


What we do

The tasty and crispy Piavettini born from genuine artisan tradition “of the past”. When still planting and harvesting followed the natural cycles of the seasons and in mills, with wheels stone moved by water power, families lived and supported themselves by making flour. That same flour that today, combined with the best extra virgin olive oil, strictly Italian, it gives life to the morsels of bread named Piavettini, the most genuine and light that the generous Veneto region produces to delight your table. Piavettini, the genuine taste of the good bread of the past.



Piavettini the genuine taste of the good bread of the past....
the lightness of an inimitable product