Garlic breadsticks to combine with your favorite recipes

How can you use your garlic breadsticks? And which is the best use of your garlic breadsticks to combine with your favorite recipes? In this article you can find some of the best recipes that you can use for yours aperitifs, lunch or dinners with all your friends.

Garlic breadsticks: the perfect product for your healthy aperitif

The garlic breadsticks are one of the softest and the healthy food that you can use for your aperitifs or event with your friends. With a light texture, a coating of butter, salt, and garlic, you can taste the softest breadsticks  you’ve never eaten in your life. These famous breadsticks have a white, fluffy center and a tender, delicate crust. Soft, light, kid-friendly and healthy, they’ re ready to be gobbled up as soon as they get their slathering of butter and herb goodness when they come out of the oven.

But, what makes your garlic breadsticks so good and delicious? The true key for this kind of recipe is the butter. It gives to the breadsticks a sweet and milky taste, both in the dough and melted on the breadsticks.

Garlic breadsticks to combine with your favorite recipes

One of the most important and most traditional way to eat the garlic breadsticks is to combine it with ham in a light and healthy aperitif. In this case, often we can add melon, pinzimonio (a mix of fresh vegetables dunk in a simple mix composed by oil, salt and other spices like pepper, vinegar or lemon juice).

If you want something stronger, you can eat it with parmesan or mixed it in a mousse ham and tuna’s mousse.

There’s some people who like to eat them instead of  bread in every meal of the day.

As we can see there many ways to combine the garlic breadsticks and each of them  only depends  on your choice.



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