Gluten free breadsticks for people with intolerances

Healthy, thin and stylish new gluten free breadstick plays an important role in the life of people with intolerances. From the starting to the end, you’ll have breadsticks on the table for every kind of meal in less than an hour.

Gluten free breadsticks

Soft and fluffy gluten free breadsticks with oil and natural garlic salt are the perfect addition to any kind of meal. From breakfast to dinner, the gluten free breadsticks are so light and so healthy that you can combine them with every kind of food product. Especially if you love bread… gluten free breadstick are lighter and easier to digest than regular breadsticks. For people with intolerances it could be very hard to find recipes and products gluten free  that are at the same time soft, pliable, fluffy and have a great flavor. Thanks to our company, Piavettini SRL, you have just found the perfect solution. Our gluten free breadsticks are the right products  you’re  looking for. Try them, you’ll not regret!


Our gluten free breadsticks for people with intolerance

Our recipe of gluten free breadsticks is truly a labor of love. They are naturally produced with ingredients produced from agricultural methods. For people with intolerance we use also a gluten free bread flour and some more gluten free products. In particular for our gluten free breadsticks, we use gluten free products such as 1/2 tablespoons gluten free baking powder or 1 tablespoon gluten free vinegar

The process to produce our gluten free breadsticks is similar to to most baked products and firstly consists of the mixture of ingredients, with the only addition of salt at the end. In a second moment there are the normal phase of the dough and at the end it follows the phase in which the bread should be bent and than made it to rise for 2 hours, covered with a cloth. At the end the grill is made according to your preference. We  suggest to put it at 190° for 20 minutes more or less.



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