How to combine breadsticks for an elegant dinner

Do you need a quick and healthly snack for your break or your dinner? The best solution for your relaxing break or for one elegant dinner is to taste some crunchy and light breadsticks. But how to combine breadsticks for an elegant dinner? Here you can find the right solution.

Breadsticks for dinner

Who is that you do not like eating breadsticks? They can be consumed on their own as a light and quick snack to take one break during your job, or during an elegant dinner. To arrange a perfect aperitif before the dinner, breadsticks represent the best solution.  In this case you need to do the right choosing of breadsticks and the other ingredients to make the aperitif unique. There are several kind of breadsticks: garlic breadsticks, cauliflower breadstick,breadstick with cheese and onions, breadsticks of puff pastry  and so on. Than in addition to breadsticks to prepare a good aperitif, you must also buy other foods such as chips, soft drinks or sandwiches.  In this way you will prepare a perfect aperitif or a light and elegant dinner.

How to combine breadsticks

Breadsticks can be placed alongside a nice plate of raw ham. If you prefer you can also add some ingredients like melon, chips or some vegetable like the pinzimonio that concerns fresh vegetables like carot, celery, or artichokes dipped in a sauce made with olive oil, salt, pepper and optionally vinegar.  They can be also served with some special sauces like cocktail or spicy sauce. They can be also served on a tray or if you decide to buy one-on-one grinders, just leave them on the table inside a small wicker basket, so the guests can choose the grissini according to their taste.

At the end of the dinner you could even taste them togheter with some cream such as Nutella, Almond Cream, Pistachio Cream, Lemon Cream, Coffee Cream, Chestnut Cream. This is the perfect way to terminate a perfect dinner with the right and final dessert.



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