Mini breadsticks for children’s snacks

Mini breadsticks for children’s snacks are the simplest and fastest meal for the break of your children. Pocket-size and delicious they are the perfect meal for every moment of the day for every kid in the world.

The pocket-size and crucial snack for children

Every one of us knows that childhood is a period of life where it’s very important to be careful about nutrition especially the quality of products for a kid’s diet. It is important to them eat natural and healthy product and it is also important for them practice some sport activities. For this second option we have a wide variety of sports: football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, jogging and so on. But what about the food for your children?

Well, concerning this, it is preferable to buy organic food that has not been given chemical treatment or genetic manipulation. And thanks to this believe the Mini breadsticks for children’s snacks are born for a healthy an nutritious snack for your children.

Mini breadsticks for children’s snake

These mini breadsticks for children’s snacks are a great snacks for your children to consume both on their own and to combine with other dishes. At school or in any other break of the day of your children the mini breadsticks for children’s snacks represent the right food product for each time of the day. They are organic, tasty and healthy snacks  because they are not genetically modified and retain their true taste. These can be combined with what you like the most: salami, ham, cheeses and also with creamy spreads. Thanks to their shorter and wider shape they can be supplied in a mini single-packs that you can take with you everywhere. In this way we have solved the problem of the breadcrumps that often crumble into the folders that children bring to school.

For each kind of children’s snacks, try the new and pocket-size mini breadsticks by Piavettini!



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