Perfect sauces for breadstick

There are a lot of sauces that you can savor with your breadsticks. A lot of them are easy and quick to prepare. And all of them go on well with lots of dishes. They can be a great seasoning for meat, fish and even for all sorts of snacks. Try them and enjoy your meal.

The perfect sauces for breadstick

One of the most common sauce for breadsticks in the world is the Marinara Sauce, one of the perfect sauce for all your favourite appetizers. It’s quick and easy to prepare and you’ll need only 5 pantry ingredients to make it and it’s perfect for breadsticks and mozzarella sticks. Other great dips used for your breadsticks are the Alfredo sauce and the pesto sauce. In this way you can make up your dishes just adding your favourite sauces. The first one adds at your dishes a great taste of parmesan while the second one gives it a delicious taste of freh basil.

These are only a few sauces that you can add on your breadsticks. In the following line you can find some more ideas to season your dishes and enjoy your breadsticks.

Some ideas to enjoy your breadsticks with particular sauces

Here for you other tasty dips you can enjoy with your favourite breadsticks and appetizers.

Liguria garlic pesto: perfect with boiled potatoes, , you can add olive oil and grated cheese to give it greater flavour.

Tzatziki sauce: fresh and quick this sauces is used to season vegetables or grilled meats. . It’s made with sheep or goat yogurt, chopped cucumber and garlic. Sometime you can eat it with the adding of salt, xtra virgino oil, lemon juice and, if desired, dill o mint or parsley.

Dried tomatoes sauces: made with dried  tomatoes in lukewarm water for a few hours and blended with extra virgin oil. It has great aroma and chunky consistency.

These are only a few ideas for you breadsticks. In our website you can find more sauces recipes. Choose the best sauces for your breadstick and enjoy your snack!



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