Recipe of the month: puff pastry breadsticks with speck

If you need a light and quick snack to eat before the dinner or in a break during you daily job, you should try these fantastic and delicious puff pastry breadstick with speck. Easy to prepare and perfect for every moment of the day. These puff pastry breadsticks with spek are the best starter or appetizer that you need!

What do you need to prepare them?

We have just said before that these puff pastry breadsticks with speck are delicious and above all easy to prepare. And here you can find the ingredients to prepare them in simple and fast steps.

Ingredients for 4 pastries

You’ll need to prepare 4 pastries breadstick with speck the following ingredients:

• 2 tapered radicchio heads
• 4 thin slices of fresh cheese
• 4/8 thin slices of smoked speck ham
• 1 roll of puff pastry
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Red wine
• Salt and pepper

How to prepare our recipe of puff pastry breadsticks with speck

The first step in this preparation is to clean the head of radicchio and cut lengthwise to obtain a thickness of 2 or 3 cm. After you have to sauté in a non stick frying pan with a little extra virgin olive oil and then simmer with some red wine until reduced. After you have to add a little portion of salt and pepper to season the mixture. Allow to cool, in the meantime roll out the puff pastry. When you finish these steps, place the cream cheese, speck ham and cooled radicchio in the middle. Then roll up and bake in a hot oven for seven or eight minutes at the temperature of 180°. Finished these steps, you cans serve them and enjoy the appetizer or starter with your family or your friends.






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