Piavettini Kamut® 200 grams

Kamut® Khorasan Bio

From the skilful combination between a bread production that is inspired by the best traditional craftsmanship and the exclusive use of the Khorasan Kamut® grain, ancient and noble cereal, they become Piavettini Khorasan Kamut® biological grain.

Only organically grown and non-OGM, the Khorasan Kamut® grain has an important nutritional value, a significant content of precious minerals – it’s rich in selenium – and a good protein content. The Khorasan Kamut® grain can represent an excellent alternative to wheat, also for the majority of people who are hypersensitive to this cereal.

Piavettini Khorasan Kamut® grain, are processed after a slow rising of the dough (long yeast). Enriched by the precious extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian quality, Piavettini Khorasan Kamut® grain, with golden color, surprise for their taste, sweet and unmistakable, the scent of vanilla. The biological Piavettini with Khorasan Kamut® wheat flour, so naturally good and fragrant, accompanying with taste every sweet or salty food and enhance the aroma and fragrance of good homemade bread of the past. The natural sweetness of Khorasan Kamut® grain  is enhanced by fruit jams, but also by medium-aged cheeses.

Color: Golden Yellow.
Smell: Bread crust.
Taste: Sweet, influenced by extra virgin olive oil.
Consistency: Crumbly and light.
Appearance: typical round of the ironing of the dough.

Guarantee free OGM product


KAMUT® khorasan * flour, extra virgin olive oil* ( 12 % ), non-hydrogenated vegetable grease* “PRESAL® iodized salt”, rice syrup*, yeast cream, dust with caster kamut*( 0.4 % ).

Biological ingredients “*


Nutrition Facts
Energy value 448 Kcal | 1874 KJ
Protein (g) 12,8 g
Carbohydrates (g) 64,7 g
of which sugars (g) 2,4 g
of which starch 53,1 g
Greases (g) 14,6 g
of which saturated (g) 3,4 g
of which monounsaturated 9,0 g
of which polyunsaturated 2,2 g
of which cholesterol 11,6 mg
Food fibers (g) 3,2 g
Sodium (g) 0,9 g
*typical values reported to 100 grams of product
Product data
Carton Volume 0,031
Carton size cm. mm 395 x 295 x 268 H
Packaging material compound OPP coex 20my / OPP coex pearl met 35 my / HDPE 30my
Package weight 200 g
Carton ean code 18025297000112
Net weight for carton 2
Packs per carton 10
EAN code 8025297000108
Cartons per pallet 64
Gross weight for carton 2,650 kg
Package size cm. mm 125 x 75 x 300 H
Convervation minimum limit 8 months to the expiry date
Pallet height 230
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Piavettini the genuine taste of the good bread of the past....
the lightness of an inimitable product