Piavettini 200 grams

Morsels of bread, crumbly, light, with surface sesame seeds.
Shape: variable.
Color: gold yellow with the typical bleaching of bread crust, sometimes slightly tanned.
Flavor: light and pleasant, with pleasantly influenced by Italian extra virgin olive taste.
No additives (preservatives, emulsified, ecc.) – long yeast – slow cooking of different temperature and use of iodized salt “PRESAL®”.
The dough, made with flours rich in gluten and precious extra virgin olive oil 100 % italian, without addition of a preservative alcohol, are some basic parameters of main ingredients; it’s left to stand for more of twenty-four hours: a very slow leavening to “long yeast”. For this particular work and careful research on flavors, Piavettini are morsels of bread unmistakable.
The non-perishability and long preservation, in excellent integrity conditions, are favored, as well as the measures relating to packaging, the low humidity of the product (UR max 3 %).

Pairings: Pleasantly accompany any dish. Marry the sweetness of ham or typical fresh cheese. Also excellent with cheeses and cured meats, placed together with a good glass of wine. Try them with a chip of Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano.


Soft wheat flour type “0″ – extra virgin olive oil (10,2%) – lard – “presal®” iodized salt – malt extract – yeast cream – dusting the surface with sesame seeds (0,2%).


Nutrition Facts
Energy value Kcal 455,7 | KJ 1914
Protein (g) 14,8 g
Carbohydrates (g) 60,3 g
of which sugars (g) 1,7 g
Greases (g) 16,5 g
di cui saturi 4,5 g
Food fibers (g) 3,4 g
Humidity 2,8 g
Sodium (g) 0,59 g
Ashes 2,2 g
* typical values reported to 100 grams of product
Product data
Carton Volume 0,031
Carton size cm. mm 395 x 295 x 268 H
Packaging material compound OPP coex 20my / OPP coex pearl met 35 my / HDPE 30my
Package weight 200 g
Carton ean code 08009086101252
Net weight for carton 2,650 kg
Packs per carton 10
EAN code 8025297000108
Cartons per pallet 64
Gross weight for carton Kg. 3,500
Package size cm. mm 125 x 75 x 300 H
Convervation minimum limit 8 months to the expiry date
Pallet height 230
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Piavettini the genuine taste of the good bread of the past....
the lightness of an inimitable product