Simple ideas with breadsticks for a snack at work

Do you need a break and a new kind of snack during your work?  In this article you can find simple ideas with breadsticks for a snack at work. Enjoy your break!

Breadsticks for each moment of the day

Breadsticks are a typically italian salty snacks appreciated not only in this country but also in the all rest of the world. They are traditional, healthy and tasty products and you can choose to eat them alone or as an acompaniment to other dishes. More often you can eat them with salami and cheese or even with fruit (melon could be the best).

This product is very appreciated through all Italy and they traditionally come from Piemonte region. Actually it is industrially manufactured by the largest domestic manufacturers and well know in all around the world. There is a wide variety of breadsticks, which differ in taste, size and kind of preparation and they are always delicious thanks to their handmade products made with high quality raw materials.

Simple ideas with breadsticks at work

Piavettini breadsticks snacks are very popular in the office, at school and in many homes, in Italy like the rest of the world. From fried and oven-baked snacks to pastry covered treats and toasted, every country has its particular specialty. But the most important thing is getting the right flavour. Salt and the different kind of ingredients or spices provide them with a unique taste that you can enjoy for each kind of moment of the day, both at home like and at work.  When you are working, this product is perfect for your cravings during your breaks to protect you against hunger and to enjoy your break during the day. You will love all of the our breadsticks, that’s why they are common worldwide. It is not a coincidence that snacks are so popular around the world. For this reason, enjoy your break with our Piavettini breadsticks!



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