The convenience of single-portion breadsticks

For a decade and more Piavettini has dedicated its time and resources to the combination of quality and flavour. And thanks to this the pratical single-portion breadsticks were born. Lightweight, not only in the package, the single-portion Piavettini Breadsticks is baked with an eye to their nutritional values.

Single-portion breadsticks: the pure happiness

The taste of bread with extra virgin olive oil enriched by a cascade of sesame seeds on its surface. These are the perfect Piavettini breadsticks made with love and passion.

For this reason we use extra virgin olive oil in a percentage of more than 10%, malt extract, “0” soft wheat flour, iodised salt, lard, yeast cream and a sprinkle with sesame seeds. In that way a 100gr of a single-portion package give you 544.7 Kcal and only 60.3gr of Carbohydrates.  These morsels of bread are the perfect combination of breadsticks and bread, whic have the typical golden crust that sometimes fades into a the tan. But, where is the convenience of single-portion breadsticks? Let’s see!

Where is the convenience of single-portion breadsticks?

The advantages of single-portion breadsticks are many, especially for people living alone or for those who need a food to be transported with them at work or at school.

The single-portion breadsticks lend themselves very well for this purpose, in fact their individually packaged allow them to be transported without creating any encumbrance which would instead happen with the family format. In addition, single- portion breadsticks are also more hygienic, thanks to the single sealing that allows them to be carried in bags or within 24 hours without incurring the risk of exposing the breadsticks to direct contact with the stationary or with other items inside the bag. Viceversa, the package also protects objects from crumbs due to the possible breaking of breadsticks that otherwise would bedispersed everywhere.




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