The difference between breadstick and crackers

Breadsticks and crackers are two of the best solution for each break of our day. Healthy and light both products are the perfect snack for each occasion during the day. But what are the difference between breadstick and crackers? Let see togheter!

Bread variations

The bread is a typical Italian product and it is never missing on a table of every Italian person. But what are the alternatives to the usual bread? Well… breadsticks and crackers are two important variants of the bread. As all we know, only in Italy there are really a lot of ifferent kind of bread. At the same time, day by day, new and delicious variants of breadsticks and crackers are borning too. We can find tasty crackers, cracked slices, crisps, rusks or breadsticks, all available in different flavors, with different flours and oils.

They are also available in a variety of hygienic practices, smaller and smaller then classic grissini, but at the same time more confortable to bring thrm with you. But what are the difference between breadstick and crackers? Here they are!

The difference between breadsticks and crackers

Well, one of the difference between the two product is without doubt their shape. are long and finger-shaped, while crackers are flat and divisible  But the most important difference between them is the presence of animal or vegetable fats as we can have sometime some difference differences concerning the presence of lard, olive oil, hydrogenated fats or other types. What does it mean? It means that for 100gr of breadsticks amount to 433 Kcal while 100gr of cracker to 502  Kcal.

Another important difference between the two product is the presence of salt. Crackers can contain more quantity of salt than a normal breadstick. So it is more delicious but at the same time less healtly than breadstick.

Two good snacks with a lot of significant differences!


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