The different shape of breadsticks

We all know the typical long and tapered shape of breadsticks. But is it the only standard shape or our beloved breadsticks? Let’s see togheter the different shape of breadsticks!

Our standard shape of breadsticks

The standard shape of breadsticks, we know is long and tapered. Easy to prepare and delicious to taste, breadsticks are an excellent and pratical food in place of bread. And in the following line you can find the best way to shape breadsticks during their preparation.

The first thing to do is after breadsticks dough has finished and rise, gently punch it down to release the gases and knead a few times by hand. Then you have to divide the dough into 12 pieces, shaping each into a ball, everything in the same size. After on a clean surface, roll each ball of dough into a ropeĀ about 8 inches long.
Then pull them outward as you roll to help stretch the dough. At the end Place rope of dough onto your prepared pan and place close together for pull-apart breadsticks.

Other shape of breadsticks

There is no exact number of shapes we can give our breadsticks. Everything depends on our imagination, situations and events in which we want to offer them.

And from these situations were born the zigzag shape of breadsticks, more taste and delicious. It is not uncommon to find Christmas tree-shaped breadsticks at Christmas time.

Or in different periods of the year we can find breadsticks with shape of a washer, ears of wheat, focaccio or even spoon, pherpas filled with some spice or particular seasoning. So, everything depends on our immagination and our choice. For a perfect snack in every situation.











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