The importance of virgin oil in breadsticks

Longer and thinner version of the classic crakers, our hand made breadsticks are stricly made with extra virgin olive oil. And Why we have choosen this particular oil to produce our breadsticks? Here’s the answer!

The importance of virgin oil in breadsticks

Genuine and delicious breadsticks, you can enjoy breadsticks with your friends with a good glass of red wine or combined with ham as a light and healthy aperitif.. Nutritious, healthy and tasty this kind of snack quickly become a straple of the mediterranean diet. Sometime they substitute, not only on the table but for importance too, the bread in each italian diet. Extremaly popular today, this specialty, in the long past, was one of the main sources of energy for each farmers who used to work for long time in the fields and problably their longevity was related to the consumption of extra virgin olive oil. But what was the secret of these breadsticks. Without doubt, the true secret of their longevity is the use and the importance of virgin oil in breadsticks.  But why is extra virgin olive oil so important for breadsticks preparation? Let’s see!

The secrets of virgin oil in breadsticks

The most important aspect that we have to consider for te production of hand made breadsticks is the choice of ingredients. Every good breadstick use a raw material starting from the oil, in particular virgin oil. Extra virgin olive oil is a substitute of other more caloric ingredients such as lard, butter or margarine.. It should be extra virgin type, to make the recipe flavourful and to give it the right elasticity to the pastry. In addiction the virgin oil improve the final quality of the product. The presence of this oil makes hand made breadsticks a baked product with a delicate taste. In this way the product is healthier and easier to digest.

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