The secret ingredients of breadsticks

There are a lot of ways and especially a lot of recipes to prepare breadsticks. But the question is: does it exist a secret ingredient for breadsticks? Anything magic that makes them delicious and healthy at the same time?  The answer is “NO” and we’ll show you why!

Secret ingredients: passion and love

The true secrets about our breadsticks are passion and love that we use to prepare them. We are so excited and so proud to use all our experience and knowledge especcially if the result is a perfect, healthly and light product: The Breadstick! Our love bring us to choose hight quality raw materials. All our breadsticks are made by experienced bakers who always guarantee an high quality product with controlled source materials. For this reason the taste of grissini is almost entirely due to the quality of the various ingredients. For example: flour, oil or wheat.

Our handmade breadcrumbs

The main factor that identifies our breadsticks is the use of excellent raw materials such as oil and wheat in handcrafted breadsticks. We can add too the perfect and natural processing of raw materials and the processes of dought and baking that gives to artisan breadsticks more taste and especially fragrance. We usaually use for our breadstick typical products of our production area Veneto and Piemonte regions. And last but not the least, in our products there is also a lack of palm oil that allows handcrafted breadsticks to be more healthly and a food for the whole family.

Choosing our breadsticks we allow the consumer to eat a genuine, tasty product suitable for every quick snack. Or if you have more time, you can eat them to accompany an aperitif between friends or your entirely family.



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