Top 5 breadstick topping ideas

For our quick and light snack we can have several kind of breadsticks and a large variety of combinations thanks to delicious and several toppings. Here you can find a lot of ideas about breadstick toppings to enjoy your best break.

Breadstick topping

For a light and fast snack during your day, here there is a selection of summer sauces to accompany our breadsticks and not only. You can use these breadstick toppings even for bread made croutons or our crackers and so on. Delicious and yummy, these toppings represent the best to consume with our breadsticks.

One of the best topping that we suggest for our breadsticks is the guacamole sauce. Guacamole is a summer sauce that is can be prepared in a very short time, but at the same time we must be careful about the dosage of ingredients used to prepare it. The right amount of ingredients are the following: 1 ripe avocado 1 coppered tomato 1 green pepper 10 g of lime juice 20 g of extra-virgin olive oil 10 g shallots salt and pepper. For this sauce we suggest a bergamot breadstick.

Breadstick topping ideas

Another   most common topping for breadsticks in the world is the Marinara Sauce. It’s quick and easy to prepare and you’ll need only 5 pantry ingredients to make it and it’s perfect for breadsticks and mozzarella sticks.

Other delicious breadstick topping is the Tzatziki sauce. It is fresh and quick. This sauces is used for season vegetables or grilled meats.

To continue our selection we suggest the dried tomatoes sauces. It is made by dried tomatoes in lukewarm water for few hours and blended with extra virgin oil. It has great aroma and chunky consistency.

Ant the last but not the least we suggest as a breadsticks topping a Liguria garlic pesto. It is perfect with boiled potatoes, you can also add olive oil and grated cheese to give it a greater flavour.




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