Turmeric as a main ingredient of breadsticks

Breadsticks enriched by turmeric are a crunchy and delicious snack for each moment of the day , but they are also long renowned for their digestive and antioxidant properties.

Turmeric as a main ingredient of breadsticks

Turmeric has a warm, bitter, intense and sweet taste that it can be used for tons of recipes. It seems like a fennel seeds, for this reason in many recipes you can replace the turmeric with these seeds of this plant and vice versa.

You can buy it in seeds or in powder form. If you buy turmeric in seeds in a second moment you can simply grate it and obtain the powder by crusching it with a pestle. Once you have toasted the spice, you can use ita as you prefer. You can use it as a medicine to make home-made herbal teas and infusions. Turmeric is great to flavor soups, sauces and cream. Or you can also added it in sauces and condiments to give a special note to the recipes. In many middle eastern and Asian countries, the spicei s used to flavor second courses of meat and fish, legumes and vegetables.

But now let’s talk about our delicious turmeric breadsticks.

Turmeric Breadsticks

These delicious sheets of bread are similar to normal crackers and are perfect to bring on the table with your favourite bread to deceive your hunger while we’re waiting the first courses. Turmeric adds a unique and unmistakable flavour  thanks to its 100% plant-based. For this reason they are the perfect choice if you wand to keep in shape without avoiding snacking aronud and they are perfect for who wants to follow a healthy diet. Ideal for original buffets, or to add variety to your table, they are a complete, tasty alternative to crunch every moment of you day.

Try it and enjoy every moment and break during the day!


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