Why breadsticks are good for sweet and savory dishes?

Breadsticks are the perfect food for every kind of break during the day. I’m sure you’re asking “why?”. Well… the answer is simple and fictionated. Breadsticks are a good food for sweet and savory dishes! And here you can find the reasons.

Breadsticks for several different occasion during the day

Are you boring of ordinary snacks? Try our breadsticks and you will discover how tasting they could be associeted to a huge ammount of ordinary snacks such as crisps, crakers, souces and something freezed drink. Breadsticks in general are a savory and salted starter or appetizer before the main dishes. They for this reason are perfect if the are eaten with ham, cheese, vegetables or sauces. Light and healthy they are the perfect snack wich rightly pave the way to our lunch or dinner.  You could ask: ” but they are useful only with salted dishes? No, our answer is absolutely No! They can created a satisfaing and surprising sensation of well balanced flavours between salt and sweet food. For example you can eat them with Nutella, sweet creams, chocolates nuts or fruit.

Breadsticks for sweet and savory dishes

Well, we are arriving to our conclusion. In our kitchen, thanks to the work of professional bakers,  there are two delicious versions of breadsticks we do depending of our audience. Sweet and savory breadsticks.

In the sweet version we use a mix of cinnamon and sugar melt with butter. In the savory version we mix with butter different kind of herbs ( sesame, rosmarine, sage, garlic and everything you want). In this way we are sure to satysfing each kind of palate and you can say that you found not ordinary snacks for you – not ordinary person!

Finally, Piavettini staff wishes you a enjoyable and relaxing break with our sweet and savory breasticks!



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