Why breadsticks no yeast are easier to digest

When we talk about Italian food, we talk about  lifestyle, the culture and more often we talk about traditions. A table full of friends and family, a delicious meals and happiness in the air. This is the best ways for Italian people to stay all togheter.

Also for this reason, few century ago, the breadsticks no yeast were born. Let’s see what they are!

Breadsticks no yeast

The story tells us that the first breadsticks no yeast was born in 1679 in the Piemonte region. The king Carlo Felice had a son with some health problem. He could not digest the crumbs of the bread and the king for this reason, asked to his baker to invent a similar bread product but at the same time easier to digest.

Baker’s work was very difficult but he finally was able to produce the first breadsticks no yeast. A product similar to a salty and crisp biscuits without crumbs of bread. The king  and his court notably appreciated the final product .From that time up to now it has become a basic food product for our aperitifs or for our main daily meals .

But why breadsticks no yeast are easier to digest?

The breadsticks no yeast belong to category “ bread substitutes” and a lot of them contain a low level of grease.  Most of them contain only extra virgin oil or the lard. These are the best ingredients for each kind of breadsticks and help us to digest them in a simple and fast way.

But the main reason for which breadsticks no yeast are easier to digest depends on starch inside the flour. In fact, the process of cooking modifies the starch in this flour and makes it to easy to digest. In this way we can digest easier our breadsticks and at the same time, the same process of digestion lasts less than a normal breadsticks digestion.


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