Why choose Kamut breadsticks

One of the most popular variant of breadstick is the delicious and more healthly Kamut breadsticks. Thanks to its nutritional values Kamut breadsticks represents  one of the perfect and quickly snack for each moment of the day. But why choose Kamut breadstick indeed of one e more usual breadstick? Let’s see its main  features.

Kamut breadsticks

Italian cousine is rich of classic starter and in particular is a cousine rich of bread and soup starter. The bread itself can be burns, dinner rolls or the fancier breadsticks. There are a lot of kind of breadsticks and one of them is Kamut breadsticks. The grain of Kamut has a great taste and a particular fragrance that make breadstick an healthly and light snack. Kamut flour is a good source of protein and dietary fiberv that contains some gluten. Kamut, the commercial name for Khorasan wheat, is an ancient variety of durum, with a grain twice the size of modern-day wheat. But the main characteristic of Kamut grain is its nutritional value. It is high in minerals, especially selenium, and it has a very high protein content. It can be considered a perfect alternative to wheat for those who have wheat allergy or intollerance. For this reason Kamut grain is a perfect choice for each kind of diet.

Kamut grain in the Piavettini breadsticks

In our pocess of production, breadsticks are baked after a process of leaving the dough to rise slowly. Thanks to high quality of extra virgin oil we give to Kamut Grissini their lovely color, its inimitable taste and a healthly and light quality in each kind of nutrition. After the process of leaving the yeast to rise slowly, Piavettini breadsticks are baked to perfection. In this way we obtain a golden yellow color with  lovely scent of bread crust and a sweet taste brought out by the extra virgin olive oil. Kamut breadsticks texture is light and crumbly and you can serve it with both sweet and salty accompaniments.



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