Why restaurant choose breadstick

Turin became one of Italy’s well-known cities due also to its breadsticks. Nowadays they are used in every diet and the same restaurants choose breadstick on their table as a delicious and healtly appetizer.

Turin breadstick

Breadsticks are generally pencil-sized sticks of crisp, dry baked bread that originated in Turin. They sometime are offered at the table in restaurants as an appetizer and often they are combined with ingredients like ham , melon, tomatoes and so on. But they can be so much more… In many North American restaurants, and in our day in Italy too, if you order breadsticks as appetizer, they are frequetly topped with butter, garlic and cheese.  If you order them as dessert, at the contrary they can be topped with cinnamon sugar and icing.

Dried breadsticks can be sold in America and Europe markets as a quick snack or a pre-meal appetizer for home use. Sometime we can use them with all sort of dip, such as cheese. These are the principal ways to serve our breadsticks. But why restaurant choose breadstick? Let’s see togheter!

Why restaurant choose breadstick?

There are a lot of reasons why all restaurants choose breadstick to accompany every meal of the day. Fist of all, for an economic reasons: breadsticks are cheaper than bread. But it isn’t the main reason! No doubt they use it mainly as a yummy appetizer for customers waiting for main meals.  They are a crunchy snack to savour before the main course, especially during long waiting times. What’s more, being a light product, it does not spoil or ruin the meal for those who, while they’re waiting for their dishes, munch on something by talking and waiting with their friends, relatives or colleagues.



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