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Piavettini, the genuine taste of the good bread of the past... the lightness of an inimitable product!. Experts in:

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Crisp Italian breadsticks on the website:

Where to buy grissini breadstick

Piavettini 200 grams

The classic Piavettini 200 grams. Morsels of bread, crumbly, light, with sesame seeds on the surface.

Products of bakery

Piavettini 400 grams

Excellent with cheeses and cured meats, placed together with a good glass of wine. Try them with a chip of Grana Padano.

Italian hard bread sticks

Piavettini Monoportion

They pleasantly accompany any dish and marry the sweetness of ham or typical fresh cheese.

Crisp Italian breadsticks

Piavettini Srl is a firm located in Italy which has been operating for almost ten years in the industry of bakery. The “Piavettini” are our main product: scrumptious, brittle bread snacks, shorter and richer than common breadsticks. Our Piavettini are amazing as snack food and are an exquisite accompaniment for just about any dish.

crisp italian breadsticks |

Piavettini Srl - Where to buy grissini breadstick

Our Piavettini are produced respecting the original Italian tradition, selecting flour and extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. Then, our grissini are instantly packed to conserve the great quality of the product.

Italian food snacks -

Look for our amazing breadsticks, a genuine product with Italian origins that you can consume anytime together with your loved ones!

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crisp italian breadsticks | Where to buy grissini breadstick

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For a true food lover, Italian food is one of the best cuisines ever experienced. It is world-renowned for its simplicity, its flavors and its influence on Western cultures. Italian food gifts are therefore great for any occasion and are certainly not just limited to cheese and meat.

Crisp Italian breadsticks served as appetizers at drinks parties or as picnic snacks.

They are called Grissini in Italian and are pencil-shaped and sized, crunchy breadsticks appearing bucolic and uneven due to the hard-working procedure it went through not the succulent, chewy pizza parlor family some of you are familiar with. In some occasions, they often come with antipasti. As a great snack to nibble on, they are often served as cocktail enclosed with very thin slices of ham for an eye-catching presentation, not only that, they're equally sumptuous if served as they are.

Some people prefer to have them plain while others prefer them to be flavored with parmesan cheese, spices, fresh herbs that are chopped, sesame seeds, or sprinkle them with sea or flaky salt, just before baking or to complement whatever else they may be serving.

There are different shapes and sizes as people bake them in the shape they prefer.You can have them thin or thick, twisted or straight. How long the Grissini is, is usually determined by the size of your oven. You can make a very long sticks if you have a wide oven. Be careful not to overstrectch the though when stretching as the center may get too thin and the ends will burn before they are fully baked. Being thin will reduce the baking time and time to turn golden in the oven.

Italian breadsticks are mostly made with bread flour, but a lot of people don't have it easily accessible. In this case, you may use all-purpose flour. They also taste delicious. The only difference would be the texture of the breadsticks which may even be obvious except to a seasoned baker or true lover of breadsticks.

Besides flour, there are some ingredients used in making these breadsticks such as yeast, sugar, malt, salt, olive oil, lemon zest, warm water and cooking utensils. The cooking utensils will consist of a pastry brush, a dough scraper or a long sharp knife, a mixing bowl, a small bowl, oven trays and baking paper. As with all recipe, what you want to make will determine the ingredients you will use. There is some situation where you will have to vary the ingredients to achieve your aim. Nothing is set in stone here in as much as you use the basic ingredient which is bread flour or all purpose flour and salt.

Also, there are different shapes and sizes you can make these into in as much as they are long and thin and not too thin anyway to avoid burning while baking.