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Piavettini, the genuine taste of the good bread of the past... the lightness of an inimitable product!. Experts in:

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grissini breadstick

Piavettini 200 grams

The classic Piavettini 200 grams. Morsels of bread, crumbly, light, with sesame seeds on the surface.

italian breadsticks appetizer

Piavettini 400 grams

Excellent with cheeses and cured meats, placed together with a good glass of wine. Try them with a chip of Grana Padano.

italian bread sticks recipes oven

Piavettini Monoportion

They pleasantly accompany any dish and marry the sweetness of ham or typical fresh cheese.

Individually wrapped snacks bulk: The authentic taste

Piavettini is an Italian organization which has been operating for about Many years in the discipline of bakery. The “Piavettini” are without doubts our very most important solution: scrumptious, brittle morsels of bread, shorter and wider than normal grissini. The Piavettini are fantastic as snacks and therefore are an awesome accompaniment for just about any plate.

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The quality only Italy can give

Our bread morsels are produced adhering to the actual tradition of Italy, using flour and extra virgin olive oil of the best quality. Afterward, our grissini are instantly packed so as to retain the level of quality of the foodstuff.

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Choose our delightful bread sticks, a healthy product with Italian origins which you can consume every time you want along with your friends!

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