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Piavettini, the genuine taste of the good bread of the past... the lightness of an inimitable product!. Experts in:

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Traditional Italian breadsticks

Piavettini 200 grams

The classic Piavettini 200 grams. Morsels of bread, crumbly, light, with sesame seeds on the surface.

Grissini thin breadsticks

Piavettini 400 grams

Excellent with cheeses and cured meats, placed together with a good glass of wine. Try them with a chip of Grana Padano.

Hard sesame breadsticks

Piavettini Monoportion

They pleasantly accompany any dish and marry the sweetness of ham or typical fresh cheese.

Torino Italian breadsticks

We are a firm based in Italy that has been working for nearly 10 years in the industry of bakery. The “Piavettini” are without any doubt our primary product: amazing, crunchy bread sticks, smaller and thicker than normal breadsticks. Our Piavettini are awesome as snack food and therefore are a delightful complement for just about any food.

torino italian breadsticks |

Piavettini Srl - Traditional Italian breadsticks

Our Piavettini are produced from the true Italian traditions, choosing flour and extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality. Subsequently, the grissini are instantly packed to keep the quality of the food.

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Get our tasty grissini, a healthy appetizer from Italy that you can consume every time you want together with your loved ones!

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torino italian breadsticks | Traditional Italian breadsticks

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Torino breadsticks, also called Grissini are traditional Italian Bread Sticks which emanate from Piemonte, Torino a region in northwest Italy. Grissini actually came into being around the end of the 17th century to fix the health challenges of a young Duke of Savoy named Vittorio Amedeo II.

Sources say according to a local tale, Vittorio Amedeo, the tenderDuke of Savoy was weak and sickly since he was given birth to and unable to digest most foods eaten back then in 1675. His mother then sought the help of a famous court doctor, Teobaldo Pecchio, for assistance in curing her son. Pecchio also had a history of similar ailments when he was a child and he was able to diagnose the Duke with food poisoning. This food poisoning occurred as a result of eating bread harboring pathogenic germs.

Ghersa,(baguette-like in shape) the typical bread of Turin, was not always prepared hygienically nor cooked thoroughly. Pecchio the court doctor then charge a local baker by name Antonio Brunero, to reproduce a thinner, crisper and longer type of the gh'rsa and also ensure there was no soft crumb on the inside and all potential germs were killed. the Duke was fed the gh'rsin (literally, 'little gh'rsa') and he was cured of the ailments and went on to reign as King of Sicily and Sardinia, Duke of Savoy, Vittorio Amedeo II, until 1730. This way, the grissino (the Italianised word for gh'rsin) was born!

They are soft on the stomach and can be kept on the shelf longer than other bread which made this little creation of Pecchio and Brunero a great success. History has it that Carlo Felice II, one of Vittorio Amedeo's descendants, was so fond of grissini that he was constantly munching on them while watching the opera at the Teatro Regio to the annoyance of fellow spectator.

Napoleon Bonaparte was also not left out of what he called 'les petits batons de Turin'. Some sources claim that the courier service between Turin and Paris which he founded at the turn of the 19th century was mostly for the purpose of having fresh grissini delivered to him daily! This creation was successful to the extent that it became popular and was always prepared by an average Torinesi in the whole of Italy. later the whole of Italy.

In Italy, there are different quality and variety of breadsticks or grissini, as they are known in the local bakeries. There is grissini al sesame (sesame seeds breadsticks), alle olive (olives breadsticks), al papavero (poppy seeds breadsticks).

These days, you will find two main types of grissini. The long-established type is the rubat' (meaning 'rolled' in Piedmontese). They generally vary from 40 to 80 cm in length. They are rolled by hand and as a result of this, have a characteristic twisted look about them. The other type, the stirato (literally, 'ironed' in Italian), is a more recent invention. Instead of being rolled like rubat', they are pulled at the ends. This method lends itself more easily to mechanized production. Most packaged mass-produced breadsticks are grissini stirati.

There are many ways of eating and serving grissini, 'rolled' and 'ironed' alike. In most Piedmontese eateries, they are served in extra-long breadbaskets called portagrissini for diners to nibble on while waiting for their antipasti to arrive. Bars often serve them with a lovely slice of prosciutto crudo wrapped around them for aperitivo hour. Some swear by crushing them in soup or in caffellatte for breakfast.